marți, 14 iunie 2011

The flame flower :)

We have this flower for a long time. They were years when it did not bloomed. But this year it got some wonderful red flowers. I noticed that the buds look like the flames.

joi, 9 iunie 2011

about learning and teaching

Those days I am preparing for an important exam. I have to read lots of things about the teaching/learning process. So I think it is a good opportunity to share with you some of the things I learned. I hope to be useful to you someday :).

  • When one is learning he should use as much analyzer he can. This means that if you read loud and write in the same time what you are learning the memorization will be successful.
  • Learning should not be only a transmission of knowledges, but the process in which the mental operation such as comparison, analysis and synthesis develop.
  • The ideal student should act like a scientist, to be able to use what he knows in order to discover new truths. During the school years the pupil have to discover something already known. But being used how to deal with the unknown is the most important thing a pupil can learn.

miercuri, 8 iunie 2011


I love roses. I am waiting for the pink one to bloom, but till then lets see some red and withe ones. :)

marți, 7 iunie 2011

a bouquet

Two years ago I bought the seeds for this flower from a store in Cluj. I enjoy them very much!
They were actually two bouquets! Dad received the lilies from the 12 grade graduates. :)

marți, 12 aprilie 2011

other English lessons in our family

Long time ago Dad had an English course at the Faculty. So Mom asked him to teach her English. He answered "Very well, lesson number one: I love you! Now you should answer "I love you too!"".
Mom was happy to find out the first lesson in English. Few days later she asked him again about the English lessons.
He answered: "Lesson number two: I love you very much!".
They are still practicing those lessons!

the most important two words in English

Last week Mom asked me to start chatting with her in English. We had a hard time together since she does not know too many words. But today she discovered two useful words which helped us feeling like finally chatting. I hope you are already curious. I will describe you our last chatting to find out yourself the mysterious words.

Me: "Mom is the soup done?"
Mom: "WHAT?"

Me: "I am hungry!"
Mom: "WHY?"

luni, 30 august 2010

thankful for W. family

I am thankful today for the Wolf family. The three girls from this family started to be very good friends of mine.
Together with Alyssa we have been keeping a correspondence for almost six moths. This was my first long term correspondence. I have learned many things about the American way of living and I was so much encouraged. Thank you Alyssa! :)
I was happy to read Amy's posts on her blog. She is a godly girl and she lets her mind to find and see God. This is an encouragement too.
About Ana I can say she is like a chef. She knows how to cook and bake many recipes so I learned many things from her. Ana helped me to add some new quotes to my quotes notebook too. :)
Thank you for being my friends.